Saturday, April 18, 2015

What is the Responsibility of each Global Citizen?

Each human is one person of humanity, one person of earth; therefore, each one of us as one of the whole is equally-as-one responsible for the whole of humanity as well as the whole of earth. 

Unfortunately, far too few of us seem willing or able to take responsibility as equal persons or percentages of the whole. As the condition of earth and humanity continues to spiral downward,  we still place competition (in fear loosing) ahead what is best for all of humanity. Why is it that when someone waves a colored flag of war, we jump to fight, kill and die for our rights to be culturally different, but show us the reality of starvation, deforestation, dead oceans, and a dying planet and we simply change our videos or chat lines so as to remain ignorant in favor of the illusion that everything is fine? As we are the ones that make up the whole of humanity, who else but us is able to change humanity, save our planet in order to save ourselves?

Solving the problems on Earth is like climbing up and over the highest mountain. It's a frightening prospect, and from the current perspective of some cannot be done. So, why even try? Because, if humanity is  have any chance of surviving and evolving as a species, we must solve the problems of our species. In other words, as we are the problem we are attempting to solve, this is a journey that we must all walk together to become the solution. Although the journey may be long and difficult, each one's responsibility is on this journey is always only to take the next step.

Some will at first, not accept responsibility, seeing only the hugeness of a mountain and not realizing that as the mountain is the sum of many small grains of sand, so too is its crossing the sum of many small steps. Each one's responsibility is always only equal to one's ability to take the next step, and within this step-by-step process, each successive step prepares one for the steps ahead.

Standing as a responsible human beings, participating in changing this world to a place that is in all ways best for all is a step by step process, wherein each global citizen's responsibility to all is simply to take that next step in consideration of what is best for all.

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